Valerie Laborde Bookkeeping is a full service bookkeeping company, providing your business with the most comprehensive bookkeeping support, tailored to your specific needs

  • Accounts Payable/ Cash Disbursements
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Financial Statements
  • General Ledger/ Journal Entries
  • Payroll Services

Other Services
QuickBooks training and setup
Forensic AccountingFinancial statement preparation for your CPASales tax reportingWorker’s compensation reportsGeneral ledger/ financial statement reviewBusiness accounting system setup – remote & localReview of client-generated booksJob Costing

Consultation and Training
Confidential, individual consultations are available to provide clients with a wide range of bookkeeping support tailored to their specific persona abilities and particular business needs
Develop Initial Bookkeeping StrategiesPaperwork & Work flow OrganizationTraining & setup for QuickBooks and Quicken on MAC or PC.Arranging Personal financial Systems file setups, bill paying systems, year-end organization, pretax preparation

Training is an integral part of the service Valerie Laborde Bookkeeping Service provides. Even with a full charge bookkeeper, business owners stil have some paper handling responsibilities. Valerie Laborde believes in working with clients to help them in these areas as well.

How to read financial statementsHelp clients interpret their tax preparer’s instructionsShow clients how to save tax preparation fees through organization